Monday, February 7, 2011

Articles of Faith

Every once in awhile I get a good idea and even act upon it. This year our Primary has challenged all of the children to memorize the Articles of Faith. So I decided to make our Family Home Evenings about them for the next couple of months. I wanted to help my daughters learn them, but even more importantly, I want them to understand what they mean. So each week we talk about one of them and do some activities to help us understand them. (I've found resources on and and I also find pictures to illustrate them as well as I possibly can. Then I'm putting this together into a little 6 x 6 scrapbook that we can take to church and study here at home. The girls are loving it. Ella has #1-3 memorized so far, and Michelle has #1-4 memorized. We've talked about the members of the Godhead and what each of their characteristics are. We talked about the Fall and about repentance and how each of us can choose the right (or not) and that there are consequences for our actions. For number 3, we talked about obedience. We discussed our Savior's atonement. For number 4, we played a game about baptism and discussed the difference between principles and ordinances. So far, I'm really happy with what they are learning and hope that this book with its visual reminders will continue to help them remember not just the words but the meaning of these articles of faith as well.