Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music Show and Tell

Ella had her first annual (since she's in kindergarten) music show and tell. So far, these have always been held during my spring break and I've been able to attend. That is one of the things that I will miss when my school goes to a traditional schedule next year.

Ella and Michelle have music for a half hour a week, taught by a certified music teacher. (I mention this because most districts don't have certified teachers teaching music anymore.) And their teacher is wonderful. She teaches them to use their singing voice. She has a word wall with music terms. They use instruments such as drums, bells and rhythm sticks. They learn about a few classical composers. She works on rhythm. She listens to them sing individually and as a group. She keeps them engaged and they have so much fun while learning wonderful lessons.

Then starting in 3rd grade every child learns to play the violin. Such a wonderful music program at their school.

Anyway, Ella (and every other child) got to sing several songs, move to different rhythms and play the drums, bells and rhythm sticks. I thought it was especially cute that they sing Old MacDonald...but in their version, Old MacDonald has a BAND!!! Here are a few photos of Ella and her classmates at their music show and tell.