Monday, October 31, 2011

Coming Soon...

to a blog near you! (In fact to this one...if I can ever, EVER get caught up.)

Is it sad that I need to make myself a list of posts so I don't forget...and so it will motivate me to get them done?

*Disneyland...this may turn out to be a series of posts...too many pics, too many memories and it may be our only trip to Disneyland in their young childhoods so I want to remember it all

*Halloween carnival

*Pumpkin carving/caramel apples/face painting


*Dance performance ('s tomorrow...we'll see if I remember my camera)

*Violin concert

And coming to my other blog...if, again, I can ever catch up:
*More math games
*Halloween photos
*Science lessons on birds

Time to get busy between working full-time, cooking dinner, cleaning house, helping with/supervising homework and reading in 2 languages, piano practice and weekly lessons, weekly violin lesson and daily practice, dance performance tomorrow, violin concert Thursday and so on. This week, I'm feeling even busier than usual. :)