Sunday, October 2, 2011

Greatest Show on Earth

Last Friday evening we went to the circus with our friends Leo & Annette and Christian & Teresa and their families. It was the first time we've taken our kids to the circus and they were very excited! It was a lot of fun.

Before the circus starts, you can go down on the floor and be up close to some of the performers. We got clown noses and the kids got temporary tattoos that said, "Greatest Show on Earth" and we watched an elephant paint a picture as well as clowns, trapeze artists, and jugglers.

My favorite part was the tight rope walkers. I think they are amazing...they walked the tightrope, rode bikes on the tightrope and then they had a pole connecting the two men riding the bikes and a girl walked on the pole then sat down on a chair on the pole. It was amazing! There were also people who walked on stilts...and one whose stilts were so incredibly high that it was amazing to watch. Near the end a man was shot out of a cannon and that was cool as well. I ALSO LOVED seeing how happy my kids were. Michelle and Ella sat right in front of Alfredo and I and Michelle kept turning around to say, "Did you SEE that? Look at that!" The smiles on their faces and delight in their eyes were the best part!

Gabby is an animal lover through and through. So when you ask her what her favorite parts were, she says, "I liked the elephants...and the zebras and the horses." Then if you ask if she liked the tigers, she excitedly tells you that one of them was white and that they were kind of naughty. And they had cages that they went into after their performance. And they are mean so you couldn't be near them.

Here is what Michelle liked:
It says, "What I liked about the circus! I liked the bouncy shoes and How they Did flips and tricks with them and also I liked the tigers, Elefants, zebras, horses, white tigers."
Unfortunately, I didn't get a very good picture of the people with the springs on their shoes that allowed them to bounce and do flips and stuff.

Here's what Ella enjoyed the most:
It says (with spelling corrected so it's more understandable): "how the people standed up on the tight rope. I like when they were on the bike. I liked the clowns that played football. It was fun."

Alfredo liked the tightrope walkers the best...they were definitely among the favorite parts for all of us.