Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was magical.  The girls woke up about 8:30 and Elaine was coming at 9.  So they were able to open their stockings and then they had to wait for a little bit.  They were a bit impatient, but it did give me time to shovel the sidewalks as it had snowed A LOT!  Elaine came over to watch the girls open gifts and she made us breakfast...orange juice, orange rolls, and a breakfast casserole.  It was delicious.
Santa brought Michelle the ripstick she was hoping for.

Santa brought Gabby a Monster High doll.

Santa also brought Gabby some Shopkins.   Santa brought Ella a Wubble Bubble ball and the movie "Once I Was a Beehive."

I love that Michelle was so excited and surprised when she opened a book of Percy Jackson illustrated myths.  I love that she enjoys reading!

Ella and Gabby both got sleeping bags and foam pads as we will be taking a camping trip this spring with friends.

 Alfredo bought us a new vaccuum and carpet cleaner and did a lot of home improvements, so he wasn't supposed to buy me anything.  But he cheated and bought me a beautiful black dressy coat for church.   I gave him gift cards (not very original or exciting) and bought a new fan thing for over the oven.   I also got our whole family season tickets to Desert Star Theatre this upcoming year.  My mom and Mike bought us tickets to see the play Peter and the Starcatchers at Hale Center Theatre.  So lots of memory making opportunities in the upcoming year as well.
The girls got a lot of new clothes.  A LOT of new clothes.  Gabby and Ella show off one of their new outfits in this photo.

After breakfast, we cleaned up a bit and I started working on lunch as the girls played.   Elaine went to pick up my grandpa.   Elaine, Grandpa and my friend/neighbor Sharon joined us for lunch. Unfortunately, I neglected to take pictures the rest of the day.  But we had a wonderful time eating ham and stuffing and mashed potatoes and rolls and sweet potatoes and pie as well as visiting.  It was wonderful having Sharon join us as well as Grandpa and Elaine.   Then Alfredo and I took naps, the girls played, we talked with grandparents, we Facetimed with my sister and her family, and we played games as a family.  It was a wonderful, peaceful, happy day.  I am so thankful for Alfredo, my cute and sweet girls, extended family, and so many friends.  I have been richly blessed.   As we drove around a couple of days before Christmas delivering neighbor gifts, I passed house after house where I thought "Oh, I love them...I should have included them on my list of neighbor gifts."   We are blessed to have so many wonderful neighbors and friends.  And we are especially blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ, to know that our Savior lives and loves us.  We were able to remember Him and remember the reason for the season.  So very blessed!