Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Home Improvements

Alfredo spent the two weeks after Thanksgiving doing a number of Home Improvement projects.  He worked so hard and did such a beautiful job.  He's amazing.

First, he repainted the living room.  It was a light brown, now it is a cream color.
Apparently it is hard to tell the difference with the photos I took...but here is the brown.  Before picture.

Here is the after photo...cream.  It really is different and makes the room lighter and feel a bit bigger.
 Then Alfredo decided to stain the kitchen cabinets.
After staining
Notice that he also changed the old fan thing about the oven so now it is stainless steel like all of our appliances.

He's not quite done but in addition to restaining the cupboards, he is also adding handles.

 Then he tackled changing the doors and trim for our closets and bedrooms upstairs.  We had the old brown heavy wood doors that we had painted white.  But they were looking pretty bad.   This ended up being a huge project.  Two of our closet doors are not standard size so he had to figure out how to handle that.  And none of the doors quite fit in the frames so he had to cut all of them down to get them to fit.  It really ended up being much more work than either of us expected.  But they do look beautiful now!

 I love all of the changes!!  I am so thankful for his hard work and all he has done this month and over the 13 years we have lived in this house to make it a nicer place to live!