Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Classroom

This year may just be my best year of teaching ever!   I really love working at Ensign.  This year I only have 19 students...the smallest class I have ever had.  And they are just darling.  For the most part, they are really respectful and hard working and just plain great kids.  My friend from Parkview, Shirley, transferred to Ensign this year.  She is right next door to me.  She loves it too.  And I'm working with Molly in 3rd grade.  Molly and I taught together at Mountain View about 12 years ago so it was funny when I found out that we both transferred to Ensign at the same time.  It's really a pretty perfect deal.
 These photos were taken the night of Back to School Night... just a short time before Back to School Night started.  I like my's fairly traditional but there are little touches that make it more homey.  And it's decorated with an owl theme.  We've spent time this first month of school learning all about owls.  I laugh and just really enjoy teaching these kids.  I love it!