Sunday, February 12, 2017

Miscellaneous Events in the past month (or so)

Since the girls went back to school on January 3 and I didn't go back to work until January 9, I decided to pick Ella up from school one day and take her out to lunch.  She chose to go to Pizza Rev.  Our food was delicious.  But Ella told me when I picked her up that she didn't feel good.  I was hoping she was just hungry, but after eating she said she felt worse.  And she kept putting her head down on the table at Pizza Rev.  So she ended up coming home and spending the rest of the day in bed.  Poor girl!

Gabby is really loving 3rd grade and doing very well.  She was so happy when she brought home her report card in January and she had all A's, all 5's in citizenship and a great note from her teacher.
Sorry...I don't know how to turn this photo.  The note from her teacher says.."Gabby always has many insightful ideas and is a role model for our class.  She takes pride in her school work and uses her time constructively.  Way to go!"

A couple of weeks ago, it was Hunter Pride Evening at Culvers.  A portion of each family's purchase would be donated to the school.  So we headed over to get ice cream.  We saw a couple of neighbors there which was fun.  Also, two of the teachers, Mrs. Leith and Mrs. Olsen, were there.  I could tell that they genuinely love my girls and all of their students.  I'm very grateful for the hard work and dedication of amazing teachers!

Just this past Tuesday, Gabby had parent watch day at dance.  I really enjoy going to watch her.  She is progressing.  She pays attention and really tries hard and stays focused.  She is getting more flexible and she really tries to do her best.  A couple of the girls in her class were really distracted by their parents being there (the teacher had to talk to them about not running over to talk to their parents in the middle of dance) but she was focused and really did her best.

For one of our January activities, I took the Beehives to the Church History Museum downtown.  We got to be History Mystery Detectives, a free program they have on weeknights for youth groups.  Then we got to watch the movie about the First Vision and wander around the museum for a little bit.  One of the missionaries talked to us quite a bit about his testimony of Joseph Smith.  It was a really wonderful night.  I sure love these sweet, sweet Beehives...and every one of the YW.  It's a privilege to serve them!

We've also had the privilege of having a couple of people over for dinner.  Last weekend, our dear friends Jeremy and Stacie came over for dinner to celebrate Stacie's birthday.  The week before that we invited the Julio family and the Fetzer family from our ward to come over for dinner.  I especially loved getting to hold the Fetzer's baby girl that evening.  And the following night we had Immanuel and his wife over for dinner.  I have kind of a goal of having one to two families from my ward over to dinner each month.  I'm sure there will be a few months we miss, but I feel like it is a small way I can strengthen relationships, build more unity in our ward, and help develop love and understanding among us (especially if we can find other topics to discuss than politics.  Alfredo is so frustrated by things with Trump that politics seem to come up daily).

Life is good.