Monday, May 11, 2009

great book

So I recently read an amazing book that you should all read. It is called Outliers and is nonfiction written by Malcolm Gladwell. He has also written Tipping Point and Blink, which were also great.

Outliers tells exactly why Asians outperform Americans in math. (And hooray, it is NOT because we are bad teachers.) It also shows that actually teachers are doing a great job teaching poor kids. And it shows what months you should be born in if if you want to be a great baseball or hockey player. (Did that get your attention, Greg, Jill and Heather?) He explains why Bill Gates is Bill Gates and what you need to do to become an expert or a great success at anything... Want to know more? Read the book. :) (Or ask me and I'll happily talk on and on about it as I have with Alfredo and my mom and several friends....) :)