Tuesday, May 26, 2009

time flies...

a) when you're having fun?
b) working full time?
c) have two kids with birthdays within two weeks and four other friends' birthdays in less than a month?
d) there are only 9 days left of school?
e) one of your children (Ella) has to be sedated for dental work?
f) all of the above

And the answer is.... F! So, I have been terrible about posting lately. I will blame this on all of the above and the fact that we are temporarily without internet at home. Hence my few posts and all picture-less posts lately.

Ella turned four and Michelle turned six. We had a big birthday bash on Saturday, May 9, complete with friends, family, food, pinata, gifts, cake and ice cream and loads of fun. Pictures will come in a few days...

On Friday, May 15, Ella had to have dental work. She had 5 cavities and one was so bad that the tooth had to be extracted and a spacer put in. SO at 5:30 AM we headed to Primary Children's for her to have anesthesia and have dental work. We'll just say she wasn't happy when she first started coming out of the anesthesia. And mom is terrible at hospitals. I nearly passed out... and there wasn't even much blood. Don't know what my problem is. Primary Children's is a great place, but I really hate to have to go there. Fortunately, it was just for dental work and not open heart surgery. Ella's teeth are very close together and so she had cavities between a bunch of teeth. We really do brush and floss regularly, but I know I could do better in the mornings and... so my poor girl lost her first tooth. The tooth fairy gave her $2 for that tooth. (Wish the tooth fairy would give me several hundred to cover the cost of the tooth!)

Let's see... Lots of other birthday parties lately. Then this weekend we went to the zoo, to the Fun Center, out to lunch with daddy, etc.

Also, Ella had her preschool end of the year program. She has loved preschool and has learned so much from her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Barnett. She can write her name, knows almost all of her letters, can write many of her letters, knows her colors and shapes and can count. She loves doing "homework" like Michelle whenever she has some (usually just if she missed a day of preschool) and loves her friends at preschool.

I'm down to 8 days of school now (since school is now over for today). I've had a great class this year and really have loved my students. I'm a little sad for them to go, but also excited for the summer. I love being home with my girls.

Went to the doctor last week... Ella is underweight and about 60th percentile in height. Michelle is about 40th percentile and very lean. Gabrielle is about 25th percentile in weight (17 pounds 4 ounces) and I think he said 40 or 50th percentile in height.

Gabrielle is now past 9 months. She is pulling to a stand, cruising around, can stand by herself for a few seconds at a time. She can wave and clap. And she now says, "Uh oh". I think it counts as a real word because she says it if she gets hurt or does something silly. (She also says "mama" and "dada" and "ella la la" and some others, but I don't think they are real words yet because I don't think they are yet tied to meaning, but I guess I don't know for sure.)

Well, until next time... there's a long update on our happenings.