Sunday, November 28, 2010


I can remember as a child/teenager mistakenly thinking that once I grew up things would be least in some ways. I really thought that once I grew up I would not care as much or need to worry as much about how I look or what is in style (not that I spend loads of time on my appearance...but I still worry about it)... and I also thought that once I grew up I would stop doing embarrassing things and stop being clumsy. Oh how wrong I was! I'm constantly doing things to embarrass myself. Today, being no exception.

A few minutes after sitting down in church, I glanced over and saw that there was a pair of children's underwear. Confused, I reached for it and realized that it was stuck to the velcro on Ella's jacket... Apparently when I did laundry yesterday, it stuck to the velcro and when I hung up the jacket I didn't notice it. Hopefully neither did anyone else. I quickly pulled them off and put them away.

Then a bit later, I tried to pass the sacrament tray and one of my children was sitting on my skirt and it pulled my skirt down a bit.

Fortunately, the rest of church was without further mishap and I was able to enjoy the talks and lessons the rest of the day. :)