Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick-or-Treat... I've got wet feet!

Nearly everyone here trick-or-treated on Saturday since Halloween was on Sunday. And Saturday was rainy. Temperature wise, it wasn't that horrible, but Ella had on "ruby slippers" as part of her costume and soon her feet were wet and cold and she was miserable. Michelle had recovered from being sick and was able to go trick-or-treating (although she got tired and cold faster than normal also), but Gabrielle had a fever and was throwing up, so she stayed home. No Halloween celebrations for her this least she's only two. And she's seemed very happy to just see all the decorations.

This year Michelle was a dragonfly and Ella was Dorothy.

And this year Chester got in the Halloween spirit as our little devil dog. Seems appropriate...he's learned how to jump the fence and now has to be tied up when we are gone to keep him safe. Naughty dog.

Alfredo also tried the costume out on Gabby. She was going to be a giraffe but never did get that costume on (which is's a leftover from one of the other girls several years ago).

The positive thing about Halloween (besides the candy. Who doesn't love candy?) was being able to trick-or-treat with friends.

Another fun thing about trick-or-treating was going to our neighbor Laurel's house. She doesn't just dress up and hand out candy. She goes all out...with hot chocolate and scones for the trick-or-treaters and their grownups. Hot chocolate was especially appropriate this year...and we will be sure to visit her house every year from now on. What a fun tradition!

Oh, also a couple of days before Halloween, we painted and carved pumpkins.