Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Michelle and Ella got makeup from a friend for Christmas. Included in the make-up was nail polish. So on Tuesday of last week, I walk past the bathroom and Gabby is putting makeup on her face. I honestly didn't think much of it... we were home and it would wash off. Then I walked in a minute later, only to realize that she wasn't painting her face with makeup but with nail polish! She was busy applying it to her eyes ...and had already painted her lips and cheeks. I grabbed a wash cloth and started wiping it off...then thought...hey, wait, what am I doing? I need to get a picture of this. I mean it was even on her eyelashes like mascara would be. So here are a few pics with most of the nail polish still on. It's pink and not super bright, but you'll get the idea. And fortunately, most of it came off right then with soap and water since it was still wet. She had a couple of spots near her eye that lasted for two days.