Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here's a collage of photos Shannon took of Ella.

I just love the main photo of Ella. If I had to choose one favorite photo that Shannon took, it would be that one of Ella. Good thing I don't have to choose, though, because there are a lot that I love.

Here are a few things about our sweet Mirielle at age 5 1/2:

*She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES school and is doing so well. She loves learning Spanish and loves learning to read and has just loved everything about school. I have really seen her mature since she began school.

*All she really wanted for Christmas was a play kitchen. She was so happy to get it and has spent so much time playing with it already.

*Ella loves to pray. She says the sweetest, most sincere prayers.

*Ella is very sensitive. She loves to be held and hugged. She often tells you how much she loves you. She also gets her feelings hurt easily and cries easily.

*Ella has the most beautiful, sparkling eyes. Even strangers comment on her eyes.

We love her so very much.