Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Here is a collage of the photos Shannon took of Michelle. Isn't she beautiful?

Since 2010 is nearly over, I thought I'd do a little summary of the things I want to remember about Michelle at age 7.

*Her Spanish is really improving. She now will try to talk to people in Spanish, even if she doesn't know them that well. She recently even told a joke in Spanish. It is definitely second grade humor, but too cute that she's telling jokes:
"Mira la foco. (pause) Se caye el moco." (giggle) It means: Look up at the ceiling. Out falls your booger. It really loses a lot of its affect in English but it rhymes and is silly in Spanish.

*She is becoming a great little reader. I don't know that it will ever be her "thing" like it is mine (that will probably be Ella), but she is doing very well in reading and math in both languages.

*She has such a kind heart. She really feels bad when someone gets hurt or she sees someone teased. There is a boy in her class who has a younger sister in Ella's class. The younger sister is pretty shy (as is Ella) and often doesn't play at recess. Michelle bugged Ella for nearly two weeks to talk to this little girl and play with her because she needed friends. I'm sure it was hard for Ella, but she did and they do play together now.

*She started taking violin lessons at her after school program. We changed after school programs, so we're looking now for a new teacher for her. She really wants to learn to play the violin. We also just bought a piano, so now she wants to play the piano too.

*She has the sweetest dimple on her right cheek.

*She is a great mix of girly girl and tomboy. She is quite athletic (although her busy parents have not really given her too many opportunities to develop her skills)...she taught herself to ride a 2 wheeled bike at 4 1/2, she literally climbs the walls and loves monkey bars and is a fast little runner. She loves to be active and be outside. But she also loves fancy dresses, bows in her hair and makeup. She loves it when women wear high heels and nice jewelry (too bad her mom almost never does either of those! and I'm not the greatest at doing hair either...although I do try!)

*She loves HGTV and has definite opinions about what she likes, which she can articulate. Maybe she'll be an interior decorator or something when she grows up.

*She has mastered the "teacher" voice. She loves to play school and she sounds just like a teacher. I've joked that she could probably come to my school and keep my class in line...and it's probably not far from the truth.