Friday, January 7, 2011

64 Years

I'm behind on my blogging. So I'm going to try to catch up a bit this weekend. I wanted to be sure to include photos and write about my grandparent's 64th wedding anniversary. We were able to have a nice family dinner with them. My grandparents (my dad's parents) are very special to me. As young children, we lived only a couple of miles from them. My grandma was our babysitter after school while my parents worked. We spent daytime summers at their house and often visited on weekends. Their home was a second home to me, and I was very close to them. They are such wonderful people. My grandpa was always such a hard worker. He also loved to tell jokes. He was a Bishop and even years later people came to him for advice and counsel. He was also a kind and gentle man. My grandma was such a kind woman. She regularly did things to help others...she babysat many of her grandchildren as well as a few neighbor's children and had her own children and grandchildren live with her at various times (my mom, sisters and I moved in with my grandparents after my parents divorced). She had a good friend that was disabled who she would run errands for, take to doctor appointments, and help in other ways on a regular basis. I remember her telling me that she usually prayed that the Lord would give her an opportunity to serve someone and that nearly every day He did. She spent her life in service. My grandparents aren't/weren't perfect, but they are good people whom I love and admire.

Now they are near the end of their lives. Their health is deteriorating and their memories are slipping. But it was wonderful to spend some time with them to celebrate 64 years of see them hold hands and to see them look at each other with love in their eyes. When I go to visit them, they usually stay near each other...when one goes to bed, the other follows. When one of them goes to watch tv, the other is nearby, watching tv or reading. Their love for one another is clear.

My kids also got to open their Christmas gifts from their grandpa, my dad. Grandpa Bryan got Gabrielle a zhuzhu pet Wii game along with a zhu zhu pet...a perfect gift for her. Michelle and Ella got the Super Mario Bros. Wii game and Lego Harry Potter Wii game. They love them!

My Uncle Dan and Aunt Suzanne were there, along with my cousins Melissa and Emily. My kids had a great time with Melissa and Emily. They've always really been good to my kids.

It was such a special night.