Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Renovation

What an amazing husband I have! Last weekend he had a couple of days off. He spent one of them on a field trip with our 6 year old's class. Then he spent the rest doing home renovations... he tore out our carpet which was so disgusting and probably 15-20 years old. He also tore out most of the wall between our living room and kitchen to make it more open. Our neighbor helped him reinforce it and add the drywall and such. Then he installed new flooring. In the past month, we also bought a beautiful new area rug, new pillows for our couches, and new (plastic) plants for the dining room table. It looks and feels like a whole new home.

Here are some before pictures:

Because you are probably wondering why I included a picture of my 8 year old, it's really supposed to show that there was a wall between our dining room/living room ..and the molding was in the middle of the wall.

These pictures show the old rug and kind of show the carpet... but they don't convince you of how truly awful the carpet was. We've been here almost nine years (in August) and we have 3 kids and a dog (black lab that sheds!). The family before us also had kids and the carpet was stained and worn when we moved in. Alfredo cleans it regularly, but it doesn't even look better after cleaning. So goodbye carpet.

Here are some projects while renovations were underway:

And some after shots. My normal camera lens is broken and I only have the one that takes close ups so I couldn't get any good shots of the whole room, but hopefully you can get an idea.

See the rug...doesn't it look great with the couches, floor and walls? Love it!
The hallway. Check out the floor...and the molding on the ground now.

Here are two shots of the opening between the dining room and living room.

The rug!

Here are the plants we bought for the dining room.
The new pillows for our couches. Love it all!