Sunday, May 1, 2011

Planet Play

Ella is now six! Hard to believe that six years have passed since she was born (here at home, on our couch... but that's another story!)
Ella at 6 months old:

Ella at 6 years old:

She is such a sweet, spunky, sensitive girl with a beautiful testimony of the gospel. She is becoming a wonderful reader in both English and Spanish, and she is also a great writer. We are so happy that she is turning into such a wonderful little girl.

To celebrate on her birthday, we went to Planet Play (used to be Incredible Pizza Company)in Draper. They have a pizza/pasta/salad buffet that was really quite good. I think our favorite (Alfredo and I) pizza was the spud-i-licious. The food was quite good... and all three of the girls enjoyed the games...bowling, bumper cars, arcade games, etc. It was quite a fun evening and I'm sure we'll head back there again in the summertime. Fun place!

I think perhaps their favorite part was the dancing! They all enjoyed hopping, stomping and jumping on the colored shapes.

Another favorite was playing the racing games. And there was one that you lay down and your seat shakes and surprisingly, they liked that a lot too. Even Gabby, who climbed on with Ella and held her hand.