Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baptism Day


Michelle has tried so hard since she was baptized (and before...but I've noticed an even bigger effort since) to do what is right. We are so proud of her!

Michelle was baptized and confirmed on Saturday, June 4. She was baptized by her Grandpa Mike (my stepdad) and confirmed by her Grandpa Bryan (my dad). It was such a beautiful, special day. Michelle was so excited to be baptized and we were so glad that Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Mike were able to fly up to be part of the day.

So many friends and family members were able to be there and/or to join us afterward for a birthday celebration for Michelle and Ella. It was wonderful. There were talks about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. I thought the talk on the Holy Ghost was especially wonderful. She had each of the three children being baptized stand up and had 3 people speak to them...then asked which of those three was their mom. She then compared how well they knew their mom's voice to how we need to come to know and recognize the voice of the Holy Ghost. After the Baptism and Confirmation, Bishop Delamare welcomed her to the ward and said how much he enjoys hearing what they learned in Primary/Nursery from each of the girls each Sunday. (They go to his office right after church and each child gets a candy. The primary kids all love it... and Gabby knows what she's learned even before she goes to nursery... "I learned about Jesus.") Then Sister Calder, the Primary President, spoke for a few minutes about how well Michelle has been taught and how she always tries to be reverent in primary and listen to sharing time.

Michelle's wonderful primary teacher took beautiful photographs of her at Wheeler Farm the Monday before her baptism. We love them!

Friends and family in attendance at the baptism: Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Mike; Grandpa Bryan; Great Grandpa Floyd; Aunt Elaine and Uncle Phil; Aunt Diane and Ashley and Trevor; Uncle Dan and Aunt Suzanne; Jeremy, Stacie, Avy and Eli; Justin, Asher and ; Leo, Annette, Dante, Daphne and Drake ; Jeremy, Olivia, Savannah and Jackson ; Conrad, Shannon and Jordan ; Chuck, Alyson, Annie, Max and Sofie ; Brooke and Chloe ; Carey, Maddy, Andrew, and Sean; and Bishop Delamare.