Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Testimony Prayer

I have so many things to blog about, but decided to jot this down before I forget. My older two girls say such sweet prayers. I'm not sure where this came from, but their prayers often turn into their testimonies rather than just the traditional giving thanks and asking for help. For example, in Ella's prayer last night, she said, "I know that Jesus is real and Heavenly Father." Michelle said, "I love all the animals and all that you've created for us. I know the church is true. I know the scriptures are true. I love my testimony and I"m glad that I got baptized." They often pray about how they know that Jesus died for us and that they know there is a prophet. I think it is their way of giving thanks...but it is so sweet to hear them bearing testimony of what they know and believe as they pray to their Father in Heaven. I am confident that while they don't always use the typical phrases that their Father is very pleased with what they are saying... (except maybe on the ocassions when they use their prayers to chastise each other... as in... "Bless that my sister will be reverent when I am praying." or "Help everyone remember to keep their eyes closed during the prayer. Help them to listen and be respectful." and so on)

Such sweet girls I have! Gabby also loves to pray and does quite a good job. She still often prays that Alyson's back will be better and prays for Sofie and Chester and the rest of our family and says thank you for Jesus.