Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Venture Outdoors Festival 2011

About a month ago, my kids brought home a flyer from school advertising the Venture Outdoors Festival on June 18 at Canyon Rim Park. When I saw that the Drum Bus and other activities would be there...and that it was free, I knew we had to go! Apparently it's an annual event and it was so much fun... and there was a lot to see and do!

First, of course, was the drum bus...something my kids and I have experienced at our respective schools and that we love! So we hopped aboard and drummed to our heart's content.

Then there were train rides for the kids.

After that, we saw "Scales and Tails"... all about reptiles. Alfredo thought the reticulated python was particularly cool (I think he took about 15 pictures of it.) It was huge! I thought the tortoise was pretty cool (Did you know that turtles live in the water or a combo of land and water...and tortoises live on land?)...and I also found it very interesting to learn that while humans only have one gene to control skin pigmentation (melanin), snakes have 3. So the albino snake does not have red eyes and has a yellowish color.

Some other highlights included seeing an AirMed helicopter land and getting to climb inside it, meeting Smokey the Bear, having a pony ride, going in the petting zoo, rolling down a hill in a big ball, and chasing bubbles. Also, they got to hold a firefighter's hose and try to drench each other! There were other performances as well, but we didn't see all of them. And did I mention that all of this was FREE? Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening as a family!

Hopefully this will be the first of many trips to this festival. :)