Monday, September 5, 2011

Albion Basin

A couple of weekends ago, the girls and I took a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Albion Basin to see the wildflowers. It is so beautiful up there this time of year! I am no expert photographer, so believe me when I tell you that it was even prettier than my pictures show.

The girls were thrilled that we saw a squirrel. They enjoyed our little "hike" (really just a walk) and loved the flowers. Every time we do go up into the canyons (which is not often) I think that I really should get us up there more's so beautiful and peaceful and easy to feel the Spirit. And it's only about a half hour drive. When I was at BYU, I often drove up Provo Canyon on Sundays to read my scriptures, write in my journal, and take time to ponder and pray. I probably went up the canyon nearly weekly back then. It's a little farther now...and takes more effort to get 4 or 5 us up the canyon than it did to just take myself...but I should make the effort more often.