Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Day of School

Michelle, Ella and I all had our first day of school on Wednesday, August 24. This was the first year we've all started on the same day since my school just switched from year round to traditional.

I had great plans to get them there nice and early so they could meet their teachers and deliver their teacher survival kits. But for some reason (Construction every where!) it is now taking us 40-45 minutes to get to their school each morning instead of 25-30 minutes. So we got there only a couple of minutes before the bell rang. So no cute pictures in front of the school...only the 2 I took at home before we left. Ah well. At least they made it. (And I've now learned that as long as we leave by exactly 7:30, we'll be fine...wait until 7:35 and we probably won't make it on time...Argh!)

So far the girls are LOVING school. Michelle is in 3rd grade and her teacher is Mrs. Rudolph...for the first time, she only has one teacher...who teaches English one day and Spanish the next. Michelle loves how they have one computer for every two students. She is also happy about math because "we get to learn more times tables." Mrs. Rudolph is very nice.

Ella is in first grade and has Miss Finerfrock (Engish) and Miss Mary Lou (Spanish). A fun fact about this is that we all three taught at another school, Mountain View, together a few years ago. So I know her teachers pretty well. (And Michelle had Miss Finerfrock in first grade.) Ella thinks her teachers are nice. Ella loves first grade "because we have desk. This is my first time getting desks. Also, we have a red notebook to write in for English."

Other than the terrible commute in the morning, the school year is off to a great start. I'm really enjoying my class.