Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gabby's birthday

Our sweet, spunky Gabrielle turned 3 on August 11. Last Saturday we had a small birthday party for her. She was so thrilled with all of her gifts. She got a trike that she has wanted to ride every day since. She got a shopping cart that all of the girls have enjoyed playing with. She got a darling stuffed doggy and a doggy purse and some clothes and a train that you can take apart and put back together with a "screwdriver" made for little kids. So many fun, wonderful gifts.

Of course, we had a barbecue and then a pinata...after all, it's tradition! Alfredo made great burgers and hot dogs and sausages. I made my rice and a yummy broccoli salad and we had watermelon and chips and soda. Then the kids went to town on the pinata. Since it had started to rain a bit, we moved the party to the carport. Gabbby absolutely did NOT want to hit the pinata, but the other kids loved it...and she loved the bubbles and candy inside.

Then we had cake and ice cream. One tradition that she did not want to take part in was we usually have the birthday child take a bite right out of the cake (it's a hispanic tradition, I believe)...and usually Daddy helps them by pushing their sweet little faces right in... Michelle and Ella love it, but Gabby didn't want anything to do with it. Although she was content as can be to sit on Aly's lap and eat her cake and ice cream once it was on a plate. :)

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl! We love you!