Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ten Years

Yesterday Alfredo and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. He took me to a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant called Fresco's. We sat outside in a lovely porch area with ivy growing on the walls. The food was delicious. Alfredo got sea scallops and I got pasta with calimari and prawns. Alfredo had cheesecake for dessert and I had these freshly made doughnuts with lemon sauce and fresh berries. I know doughnuts don't sound that amazing, but let me tell you these were DE.LI.CIOUS! I wanted to lick the plate... they were that good. Hot and a little bit doughy in the middle (in a good way) with cinnamon sugar on the outside, lemon sauce and raspberries and blackberries. Oh yum!

After we finished eating, we talked about going to a movie. But as it was after 8 and Michelle had an early violin lesson, we decided to save the movie for another night. But we happened to drive past a Shopko and I talked Alfredo into going inside to help me buy spiral notebooks for 15 cents each. I need 60 for school and they have a limit of 18. I've already made 2 trips this week and needed to make 2 more to get them all...but with him there, I got the rest purchased! Woo hoo. Now that is love.... for him to spend our anniversary with me buying school supplies! :) It worked out well though because we've been eyeing a decoration at Kohl's for our living room wall, but we found the same one at Shopko on clearance last night for less than half the price. Awesome!

I should mention that Alfredo also bought me a dozen of the most beautiful red roses. He's such a wonderful man!

He was laughing at me because I can still remember where we went to dinner for our first anniversary but can't remember where we went to dinner for my birthday a few months ago. He said, "I think it is because you kept such a detailed journal back then." I think that is at least part of it. So while no one else probably cares about the specifics of our anniversary date, I want to be better about recording things like that so I will remember.

I love you Alfredo!