Thursday, August 4, 2011

Discovery Gateway

Tuesday we spent the day at Discovery Gateway. My friend Annette has a membership there and was able to get us in free. The girls all had so much fun. We got there right after it opened and Annette suggested we go upstairs first. It was awesome, because for at least 20 or more minutes we were the only ones there. There's a fun backgammon board that plays music as you dance on it, giant dominoes,and a huge parachute. The parachute scared Gabby a little bit. Michelle and Ella thought it was great fun to stand between the dominoes as they got knocked over.... and fun to knock them over with Annette and I standing between them.

The kids also went to a class where the teacher read Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle and they colored a book with the characters.

They played in the water, the market, and the house. Then we went back upstairs to play with the puzzles, blocks and legos. My favorite was one where you used wooden blocks to build a structure and then you pressed a button and it would begin to shake like a bad windstorm or an earthquake and you could see if your structure would stay standing.

They played in the ball area, the construction area, and again in the house/mail/market. They had a fabulous time...made even more fun by having friends with them! Thanks again, Annette, for the invite!!