Friday, July 4, 2014

Curiosity Times Two!

We visited the Museum of Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point again as soon as school was out.  Michelle couldn't wait to do the Ropes Course and talked Ella into giving it a try with her.  Because the ropes course lasts almost an hour, that gave Gabby and I a bit of time to explore just the two of us.  We also all checked out part of the gardens outside.  Another fun day...and we will go back!

The Ropes course:  They were up pretty high.  Michelle loved it.  Ella definitely gave it her best and tried but after about 20-30 minutes, she was getting nervous and was ready to be done and came down and joined Gabby and I.
Michelle is fearless!

So proud of Ella for trying the Ropes course...especially without her dad or I going with her!


A slide made for three kids!  How perfect is that!

A zipline bigger than ours at home! (But with a longer line as well.)

 The park area outside was pretty.  There were statues of animals and an area set up as a wetland, signs teaching kids about wetlands and animals, fish, playing structures, etc.   We didn't even explore the whole area we will have to go back again!  I love having a membership because then you can feel like you can go for an hour or two or the whole day and either way, you are getting your money's worth!