Wednesday, July 2, 2014

World's Best D-A-D!

Cute, huh?  As one of Alfredo's Father's Day gifts, the girls spelled out D-A-D with their bodies and we framed the photos.  Pretty cute girls with a very great dad.

We had a yummy barbecue for Father's Day and invited my dad, my grandpa, my aunt Elaine and a couple of Alfredo's friends over for dinner.

The girls made cute paper ties for Alfredo in Primary where they wrote about him.  I always think it is so fun to read what they write.

Gabby's said:
"My dad is my hero.  For work he (works at) Utilite (her spelling...should end with a y.)  He loves money.  He always says help me clean the house.  He is best at working in the house.  He is not very good at...He is good at everything.   My dad and I like to take walks together.  He loves me because I help him.  And I love him because he is the best."

Ella's said:  "My dad is my hero.  For work he sells parts of trucks.  He loves to work hard on the house.  He always says I love you.  He is best at making the tree house.  He is not very good at being ticklish.  My dad and I like to spend time together.  He loves me because I'm good and nice.  And I love him because he's helpful and kind."

Michelle's said, "My dad is my  hero.  For work he works as a storeroom manager.  He loves to fix the house.  He always says, 'Get off the Ipad.'  He is best at cooking eggs and spaghetti.  He is not very good at fixing the dishwasher.  My dad and I like to build the treehouse roof.  He loves me because I listen to him!  And I love him because he loves me."

 Before school ended, Ella made Alfredo a card.  From the front, it looks like a shirt and tie and says, "I love you, Dad!"
 Inside there is this poem:
Quien me hace los huevos mas buenos del mundo?  (Who makes me the best eggs in the world?)
Who takes me to the Bee's game?
Quien me llevo a Colorado?  (Who took me to Colorado?)
Who worked hard on the tree house?
Quien me ayuda con cosas?  (Who helps me with things?)
Who helps me with my Spanish homework?
Quien me ayuda a montar bicicleta?  (Who taught me to ride a bike?)
Who teaches me Spanish at home?
My dad.
Mi papa.
I love my dad!
 We sure love our dad and are grateful for him!