Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dairy Days at The Farm

We headed down to Thanksgiving Point for Dairy Days at the Farm.  The girls enjoyed seeing the animals.  We haven't been since Gabby was a baby, so none of the girls really remembered the Farm that well.

 The girls got to brush a pony.

Michelle petting a donkey. 

We all went on a wagon ride.

Making ice cream in a bag.  Our bag got a small hole in it, so the rock salt mixed with the ice cream.  It was rather salty.  Still a fun experience, but not the best to eat.

Gabby thoroughly enjoyed her pony ride.  She had picked out which horse she wanted ahead of time, and she was lucky enough to get to ride that horse.

 All three of the girls enjoyed riding ponies.  The line was rather long, but it was okay.  They said it was worth it to ride the ponies.

 We just barely made it on the cow train in time.  We were part of the very last ride for the day!

 Our cow train driver was fun.  She swerved and made the ride extra enjoyable for the kids.
 This peacock was huge.  And it looked like it was dancing.  We watched it, in fascination for awhile.
 All in all, it was a fun day at the farm.  We liked seeing the piglets and the baby goats.  Riding the ponies.  Seeing the chicks.  Seeing the cows.  Going on the wagon and cow train rides.  Fun outing!  (And it rained as we were driving there, but stopped just after we climbed out of our car.  It was overcast and not too warm or too cool.  Perfect day for being outside!)