Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Day

Since we were up so late on Christmas Eve, the girls and I woke up about 8:45.  Alfredo woke up about 7:15...which is a good thing since I had told my aunt to come over about 8 to celebrate Christmas with us.  When the girls woke up, they got to open gifts.  Among their favorites, Michelle got clothes and a huge pack of different kinds of colored pencils and Dry Erase markers and a volleyball. Oh and the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.  Ella got her Orbeez foot spa (the main thing she had never heard of it...good thing Santa came through), a volcano kit, a puppy calendar, and a weather station kit.   Gabby got an Applejack Equestria Girl, a my little pony with helicopter, sticker books, and  more Webkinz.  Oh, and Gabby and Ella got walkie talkies which they have all loved.  And my aunt made each of my girls a beautiful, soft, warm patchwork blanket.  Such a thoughtful gift.  Also, our biggest gift was a family gift of season tickets to Desert Star Theatre.  That will be a lot of fun to attend throughout the year together.

Alfredo bought me perfume and I was so excited to give him the frame Eric made for us.  I love it!  Fortunately, he did too.

My aunt stayed for breakfast...bacon and eggs and pancakes. 

Then the girls played and I tried to restore some order to our home.  After lunch, we went to my aunt's house to visit my grandpa.  Then we went to Annette and Leo's home.  The kids played and adults visited.  Alfredo and Leo made tacos which were delicious.  Then we adults played Triominoes.  It was a wonderful, happy day.  We are so blessed!