Friday, January 2, 2015

Highlights of Winter Break

Here are some of the highlights of our two week winter break (minus the actual holidays because those will get posts of their own):

*Introduced the girls to the movie Annie.  Then went with the girls, our friend Stacie, Avy and Eli and Michelle's friend Peyton to see the new version of Annie.  We loved it!

*Went sledding with Avy and Peyton and the girls after seeing Annie.

Michelle...and Ella going down backwards.

Gabby tried and enjoyed sledding...but she also enjoyed making snow angels.

Michelle and Avy and Peyton

*Alfredo and I went to see The Hobbit with our friends Jami and Mike.  Awesome!

*Went to lunch as a family at Cafe Rio using two gift cards I was given. Thanks to the gift cards, lunch only cost us $7.

*The girls had two sleepovers, one with our next door neighbors and one with the Harding family.

*The girls had playdates.  I read and slept and organized and visited with neighbors, friends and family.  Alfredo had the whole first week off, so we had a great time as a family.

*We played card games and board games and watched movies and read books.  The girls got several games for Christmas including the games Spot It and HeadBandz which have been real hits.

*Michelle made a darling snowman with a bit of help from Gabby, using the snowman making kit given to us by the Galatas (as well as the snow provided by Mother Nature.)

*We stayed up late and slept in.

*We got the photo frame that I had my neighbor, Eric, make for Alfredo hung up in our living room.  I find myself looking at it about 5 times a day, just feeling happy to have such a nice collage frame and wonderful pictures of my family hanging in the living room.

Such a wonderful break!   I am sad to have it end so soon!