Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Eve

We didn't entirely follow our Christmas Eve traditions this year.  Our tradition is to light luminaries and place along our driveway/sidewalk.  Then we read Luke 2 and open our traditional Christmas pajamas.  Then we spend the evening with Alfredo's family.  This year we still read Luke 2 and opened our Christmas jammies. 

But after opening our Christmas jammies, we headed to a family Christmas party for our friends Thomas and Liz and skipped lighting luminaries.  There was yummy food, the children decorated gingerbread men, the kids all got gifts, and then there was dancing.  It was a lot of fun.

Then we headed to Alfredo's family's home to visit.  We had dinner at Midnight as is tradition.  Dinner was delicious...even though we had eaten a huge dinner just a few hours before.  There was chicken and ham and rice and salads.  Then everyone opened gifts.  The girls got darling outfits.  We took a few photos with Alfredo's phone, but it was pretty dark and the photos didn't turn out. So I don't have photos of Christmas Eve at his family's.  But we had fun.  We made it home about 2 AM.