Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting Ready to Head Back to School

School starts this upcoming Wednesday for my girls and the following Monday for me.  All four of us will be at new schools this year.  That leads to lots of feelings of excitement and nervousness.

Michelle is heading to junior high!  It's hard to believe that my little girl is old enough to go to 7th grade, but she is.  She had orientation this past Monday and then on Tuesday we were able to get her schedule and check out her locker and where her classes will be.  She has many of her classes with her friends Liv, Kate and Keaton.  So that's reassuring to know that she will know someone in most of her classes (and perhaps even others because she has only compared her schedule with those three.)

Ella is heading to 5th grade at Hunter Elementary.  She will have Ms. Gunkel.   Gabby will be in 2nd grade with Mrs. Tregeagle.  I think they will both love it...and it will simplify our life a bit to not have them spend an hour of their day commuting to and from school or to have them learning Spanish.  (Which saddens me, but I really felt it was the right decision for us to make at this point in our lives.)

And I begin teaching 3rd grade at Ensign Elementary in a week. I am filled with excitement and a little trepidation. Many things will be different at Ensign, but I think most of the changes will be good.  And the teachers I have met seem to genuinely like it at Ensign which is definitely a good sign.

As we have prepared to go back to school, the girls wanted to get their hair done.  So my dear friend Heidi was able to do our hair today.  Both Ella and Michelle got highlights and a trim. I really love how it turned out.  I got highlights and a completely new cut/style.  I hope it looks as good tomorrow when I have to style it myself.  Sure love the way it looks today!

While Heidi was doing our hair, the girls took turns playing with her cute daughter.  Apparently, they took several silly photos while waiting for my hair to be done.