Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trip to Logan

Last Friday, the girls and I took a trip to Logan with my friend Annette and her children.  First we did a tour of a soap factory where they make soaps out of sheep or goat's milk and other ingredients. It was pretty interesting.

Then we went up Logan Canyon and did a hike to the Wind Caves.  It's a 1.8 mile hike up which was pretty long for Gabby since we don't do a lot of hiking.  She wanted to stop at about the 1 mile point...but she made it.  Annette has 4 children that are all 8 and under.  So she often had one in a backpack and sometimes she also carried one.  She is tough and strong!

These two girls hiked a lot slower than everyone else, so I hung back with them.  (And felt a bit impatient, if I'm being honest.  Is it bad that I totally bribed Gabby by promising a two scoop ice cream cone if she finished the hike?   Desperate times called for desperate measures...And it worked.  She made it up the mountain.)  They kept picking the tall grass and pretending it was a magic wand or that it contained medicine or other things.

The lower caves

We made it!  Thank goodness!

There was a great view from up at the caves.  The kids enjoyed climbing around in the caves (which are really more like little wind tunnels).  It was a beautiful day and a fun hike...until nearly every kid tripped and fell on our way down.  Then there were some tears.

After we finished our hike to the Wind Caves, we headed to the Willow Park Zoo in Logan.  It's a very small zoo, but it was fun because they have quite a few animals that I don't expect to see in a zoo.  There was an albino porcupine, reindeer, coyotes, elk, and others.
A hornbill


The albino porcupine

Michelle was a really good helper with Davlynn on the hike and at the zoo.  She's such a good girl.  Ella also helped the little kids.  They are both very nurturing.

This black swan had such gorgeous feathers...especially its tail feathers which looked like big ruffles.  There were a lot of different birds.

After we finished at the zoo, we began to head for home.  But I decided we should stop in Brigham City to see the temple.  It's beautiful.  Ella was tired and no one wanted to walk around the temple after the long hike, but I did get a couple of shots of Michelle and Gabby.  Then we got some delicious ice cream in Brigham City before heading for home.