Sunday, August 9, 2015

San Fran---Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon we headed to the Palace of Fine Arts.  It was part of the World Fair.  When most of the World Fair was torn down, the Palace of Fine Arts was left.  It's beautiful.  We enjoyed walking around the grounds and going inside to see the exhibit.  Gabby enjoyed playing with the blocks inside the exhibit...well, we all did, but especially Gabby.

Then we headed to Golden Gate Park.  We were planning to go to the Japanese Tea Garden, but by the time we arrived, there was less than an hour until it closed.  We decided to just wander around the free parts of Golden Gate Park instead.  It's huge...and there is a lot there.  There is a science center, an art museum, a playground, huge park areas, and more.  The girls ran races with Suzy.  We enjoyed the grounds.

After that, we got some dinner and went back to the hotel so the girls could swim.  An extra fun day!