Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fiddle Concert

The end of July and all of August got busy for me.  I didn't blog about some of the things that happened right at the end of July.  One thing that happened was Michelle had her annual fiddle concert.

Memorizing music has never been easy for Michelle but she gets better at it each year.  She is gaining more poise and confidence as well.  Most of the songs they play at the fiddle concert are repeated from year to year so they are just adding a few new songs to their repertoire, but I was so pleased with how hard Michelle worked (with less and less support from me..and with two different vacations that she didn't bring her fiddle on so a couple of breaks in practicing).  This year she played the following songs:

Scotland the Brave (perhaps my favorite...Praise to the Man is sung to this tune)
Bile them Cabbage Down
Mary Had a Little Lamb
St. Anne's Reel
Ashokan Farewell
Orange Blossom Special
Cripple Creek
Danny Boy (I love this one too!  It brought tears to my eyes this year...made me miss my Uncle Phil a great deal...he liked attending Michelle's concerts)
Swallowtail Jig & Kesh Jig
Irish Washerwoman
Kiss Me Waltz
Little Brown Jug
Camptown Races
Old MacDonald (complete with woodpecker, chicken, cow, bat and mockingbird sound effects)  and
Old Joe Clark

She worked on a couple others but didn't have them polished and memorized for the concert.  I am pleased with all she has learned in 4 1/2 years.