Monday, September 21, 2015

Gabby's Allergic Reaction

As mentioned before, I got a bit behind on my blog posts at the end of the summer.  A week before we went to San Francisco, (so the last week of July), Gabby had an allergic reaction to something.  She was getting a bandaid from a little bucket I keep bandaids, Neosporin and similar items in.  Something had spilled in the bucket, and she got it on her hands and then rubbed her eyes.  Within about 15 minutes, her eyes were swollen and she was getting a rash on her face and arms.  I rinsed and rinsed her eyes and gave her Benadryl, but it wasn't getting better.  So I took her to Instacare.  They gave her more Benadryl, plus steroids and had her lie down with an ice pack.  Then they told me to keep giving her Benadryl every 6 hours for the next 48 hours.  Which I did.  I'm sure it was some kind of medication she got in her eyes, but we don't know what medication.
Anyway, the swelling went down after about 30-36 hours, but the rash didn't get better.  In fact, it seemed to get worse.  After a week, the rash was all over and itchy and she was having trouble sleeping.  I had put anti itch cream and lotion on it which helped, but she was still pretty miserable.  Some areas were getting scabs because she was scratching so much.  Two of our friends came over to give her a blessing.  After two weeks, she had a doctor's appointment.  The doctor said she had developed eczema and gave us a prescription for a steroid cream and told me to put the steroid cream and lotion on it every morning and night.  He also told me to have her take Zyrtec each day.  She hated the Zyrtec and after just 24 hours her skin was looking and feeling much better.  After a week, only a couple of tiny patches remained.  After 3 weeks, we ran out of the steroid cream and while I can get it refilled (and plan to, just in case), she hasn't needed it at all. Her skin is back to normal, thank goodness.  I am grateful it was a relatively short lived problem, but those first  couple of weeks were rough.  Poor sweet girl.