Saturday, January 2, 2016

Antelope Island

As another excursion for Michelle's ABC book about Utah, the girls and I went to Antelope Island.  We had been there once before several years ago, but it was fun to go back now that the girls were a little older.
Before we even made it to Antelope Island, we saw this guy.  Pretty sure it was a fox but he was far enough way that I am not 100% certain.

Gabby is such a character.

Again, Gabby is a character.  She was pretty sure she was going to be attacked and/or eaten by one of the bison.

 After driving around Antelope Island, enjoying its beauty, for a couple of hours, we headed to Ogden. There is supposed to be a statue of Peter Ogden at the City Building but we couldn't find it.  (It's probably inside and it was closed.)  But we did find this cool statue honoring America's fallen firefighters.  Made me a little teary eyed contemplating their great sacrifices in our behalf.

I love my girls!  They are funny, smart and silly.  It's a great blessing to be their mom!