Friday, January 1, 2016

Beehive House

For her Utah Studies class, Michelle had to create an ABC book about Utah's people and places.  She decided that as part of her book, we would visit as many of the places as possible and include photos of her in front of those locations holding the letter it represented.  So on one of the days during UEA, we drove around Salt Lake taking photos of as many places as possible.  We visited East High, the Huntsman Institute,  the arena where the Jazz play, the State Capitol building, the Lion House and the Beehive House.

Gabby really wanted her photo with the two buffalo across the street from the State Capitol.  We were at the Capitol just a couple of hours before it was evacuated because a mysterious package with an unloaded rifle was left there by a man trying to send a message of peace.

 Then we headed to Temple Square   I don't know if I have ever done a tour of the Beehive House before...I think I might have years ago.  But my girls and I took a tour of the Beehive House.

 Two cute sister missionaries took us and three other family groups on the tour.  Because it has been a couple of months, I don't honestly remember much of what they said.  What does stand out is the spirit we could feel there.  I also remember that they emphasized how Brigham Young really made time to visit with, listen to and help those who came to see him.  He was a very busy man as both territorial governor and prophet as well as a husband and father.  But he did the best he could to make time for each person who came to see him, to ask for his help, to receive his counsel.

 The home is very beautiful.  It reminded me a lot of my trip with Michelle to Nauvoo this summer.  The early Saints were industrious and worked hard to beautify wherever they lived.

One thing that Michelle and I found fascinating was that what looks like wall paper (and now partially is wallpaper) would not have been wall paper when Brigham Young lived in the home.  They would have hand stencilled the designs on the wall! Amazing!