Friday, March 11, 2016

Halloween 2015

Not blogging for most of September-December 2015 means I got way behind.  And missed a few things.  So I never blogged about Halloween.

This year, Michelle did her trick-or-treating with a few of her cute friends.  She dressed up as a girl from the 1950's.

 Ella dressed up as a gypsy.  She was sure that's what she wanted to be, but we couldn't find a costume in her size.  So, even though she is ten, I bought her a size 6X...and it fit.  Gabby wanted to be a Monster High girl..Draculara.  We bought her a size 7/ her costume was a bigger size than Ella's (and it was a tiny bit big...she probably should have had a size 6X.)   Such petite little girls.  And spunky and silly and oh, so beautiful.  Even as gypsies and monsters and 50's girls.  Of course, we also carved pumpkins.  Gabby's was an owl which I was pretty proud of (since I helped her.)