Sunday, May 15, 2016

11 is a great number!

Ella turned 11 two weeks ago.  Here are 11 things Ella loves:
1. Spelling
2.  Hershey's chocolate bars
3. Sprite
4. Vanilla Ice Cream with caramel topping
5.  Jumping on the trampoline
6.  The color turquoise
7.  Cheese pizza
8.  the Goosebumps movie
9.  books by Jessica Day George
10.  the song "Hello" by Adele
11.  wearing leggings and skinny jeans  (she HATES boot cut jeans and refuses to wear them)

On her actual birthday, she chose to go to dinner at Freddy's. 

After dinner, we had tickets to Hale Center Theatre to see Peter and the Starcatchers (they were part of our Christmas gifts). It was the first time the girls had been to Hale Center Theatre. The show was awesome! I really loved it! The girls liked it a lot too. Alfredo thought it was okay, but he wasn't familiar with the story.

On Saturday, Ella had a birthday party.  Her cute friends met at our house and we ate pizza.  Then we took them to see Zootopia.  It was a cute and fun movie.  Then we returned to our house for ice cream cake and presents!  She got lots of clothes, a bit of money and a Nerf gun.  She has such darling friends.