Friday, May 13, 2016

My cute girls

I just love my daughters.  I love their very different personalities.  My dad has often remarked that seeing how very different siblings are, despite similar genetics and upbringing (nature and nurture) strengthens his testimony of our premortal life.  We come here with unique personalities and gifts, almost from the moment we are born.  I love watching my daughters grow and develop into such sweet and talented and responsible young girls/young women.  I also love seeing their silliness and their relationship with each other.  They like to take photos of each other on my well as take selfies.  I often find multiple silly shots of their faces.  Good thing I love their faces!

Here are a couple of shots they've taken in the last couple of weeks:

 Two weeks ago, Gabby had a field trip at school.  My dear friend Sara went on the field trip and texted me the darling photo below of Gabby on the bus with one of her cute friends.  I feel like Gabby has really come out of her shell this year and become much more outgoing and let others see her darling personality.  I am so happy to see her making so many friends and enjoying school so much.
 And Ella got some really darling clothes for her 11th birthday.  Here she is modeling one of the outfits for me!