Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lagoon 2016

On June 11, Suzy ran the Utah Valley Marathon.  She finished just a bit later/slower than she was hoping...but still with a Boston Qualifying Time.  She is amazing!  I went down there to cheer her on/meet her at the finish line.

Alfredo's company has  a Lagoon Day each June.  This year it was on June 11...same day as Suzy's race.  Alfredo's cousin, Sandra, and her family came to Salt Lake to go to Lagoon with us.  Unfortunately, it was a drizzly, cool, wet day.  I spent the day with the younger two girls and Sandra, Noel, and Katie while Alfredo, Michelle and Becky and Junior went to ride the rollercoasters and big rides.  It was not the best day.  It was fun for awhile, but after several hours, we were wet and cold and uncomfortable.  We usually stay at Lagoon until 9 or 10 PM but we left by about 5 this year.  Still it was nice to visit with Sandra and her family.

I took very few photos but here are the few that were taken that day.