Friday, July 1, 2016

Time with my girls

There are lots of things I love about summer:  the warmth, the time off from work, the outings and vacations, Girls Camp, sleeping in, reading lots and lots of books (although I do that year round).  But the thing I love most about summertime is having more time with my family...especially the girls.  I love being home with them and going on outings, talking more with them, playing games with them and watching them play (or hang out) with friends. 

I was given a gift card to Applebees, so one afternoon after all our chores were  completed, we headed to Applebees and got desserts.  Our cute neighbor, Kodi, came with us. 

 Gabby and Ella each got new dresses from Alfredo one night while Michelle and I were at Young Women's.  Here is my cute Gabby girl with her new dress on.  I sure love these girls!