Monday, July 11, 2016

Swimming and Drive-In

I've missed Brenda.  She has been one of my dearest friends for years.  We worked at Parkview together for 11 years.  We had Ella and Aelora a week apart.  (Well, technically 8 days apart.)  We were on the same grade level team for about 6 years.  We were a great team!  We have many differences but also much in common and have spent countless hours talking, going places together, etc.  I am so, so happy for her that she was able to get a job in Japan and that she has loved it so much.  But I have missed her.  So I am so glad she has been here for a few days visiting.  She has stayed at my house and it has been so great to have time to visit.  Ella and Aelora have had fun together and it has just been great.

On Thursday, Brenda went with me on my Trek walk.  (We have been walking 3 miles/day, four days a week to prepare for Trek.)  We saw this beautiful sunset.
 On Friday, we went to the West Valley pool.  The girls enjoyed swimming, relaxing and eating funnel cakes.  Gabby especially enjoyed the funnel cakes...or I should say she enjoyed the powdered sugar on the funnel cakes.
Ella, just before we left, wearing silly glasses.

 Friday night, we headed to the drive-in.   We brought lots of snacks and goodies with us.  We stayed and watched both features.  First, we saw "Finding Dory."  That was adorable!  I liked it so much.  Then we saw the BFG.  It was also really good.  We were up way too late and slept in the next morning (some of us more than others), but it was really fun!