Thursday, July 14, 2016

Last Day (& Month) of School 2016

The girls got out of school a week before I did this year...but I had their last day of school off so I was actually able to pick them up from school on the last day.

All 3 girls had great years.  Ella and Gabby loved being at Hunter.  They loved their teachers and loved making new friends.  I feel like Gabby, especially, really blossomed this year.  She was much less shy and was happy and just loved school.  Gabby had a sad thing happen.  She had Mrs. Tregeagle as her second grade teacher.  In November, Mrs. Tregeagle got sick and Gabby had a couple of subs for most of November through January.  In January, it was decided that Mrs. Tregeagle would not be back until at least May--if at all-- and so a permanent long term sub took over, Mrs. Richards.  Gabby really liked Mrs. Richards but missed Mrs. Tregeagle.  Nearly every day for 7 months, Gabby prayed for Mrs. Tregeagle.  By March, Mrs. Tregeagle officially retired and would not be returning and sadly, Mrs. Tregeagle passed away in May.   Gabby was very sad.  Despite this, she still loved second grade.

Ella's teachers told me how much they loved her and how sweet she is.  She also had a good year and did very well in school.   Ella heads into 6th grade next year.  These girls are growing up too fast!!

Michelle finished 7th grade.  She really enjoyed junior high.  She especially liked being a T.A. for the counseling office.  She enjoyed social studies and art and she is very excited to go back to Kennedy next year.  I'm so glad she has such good friends and is enjoying her junior high experience.
I also had a good year.  I love Ensign.  I love the people I work with.  I love how calm and happy it is there. I love that we have the flexibility to teach how we want to and to do what we feel is best for kids.  I had a very challenging class but there were also so many darling, sweet kids.  I got sweet notes from parents and students and thoughtful gifts.  I am very thankful that I was hired to work there.
This is my coworker, Tawna.  Ignore my crazy hair.  We had a beach day and it was windy.  Tawna and I taught 3rd grade together.  She is great.

One of many cards I received from students and their parents.  I thought this was especially darling because it included a drawing of me in front of the smartboard.  It also had the sweetest note from my student explaining what she had learned from me, how much she liked when I read aloud with expression and how happy she had been in my class.
And just a few other photos from the last month of the school year:

Michelle did this project for art... Each side has something about her...her talents, interests, etc.  The photos are not great, but I love the way it turned out.

My friend Sara took this photo of Gabby on a field trip sitting next to one of her cute friends.  I loved hearing about all the girls she played with at school and knowing that she had a whole group of friends.

Ella is getting so grown up.  I sure love her!

In May, Hunter had a Family Literacy Night.  They had a ton of books to give away.  They had a presenter come and tell about her favorite books of the year.  (Ensign had the same presenter and she was fantastic...but it seemed like at literacy night she was in a rush and families were anxious for her to finish which was unfortunate.  She did such a good job at Ensign...I read a bunch of books that she recommended and they were all good.)  Then they had some fun activities for families to do and drawings for prizes.  Gabby and I went and her cute friend Gracie came with us.  I never win anything but that night they gave away two baskets from Kneaders...and I won one of them!!  Gabby and Gracie also enjoyed decorating Flat Stanleys.

This was obviously made back in March around St. Patrick's Day...but I thought it was so sweet...What is worth more to you than gold?
"Gracie is worth more then gold because she is so nice to me and if I am sad she cheers me up she is the best." (sic)
 One more thing to throw in this post of all things school.   Hunter did a talent show near the end of the year.  Ella didn't want to participate.  But I was pleased that Gabby did.  She played a song on the piano and while it was a simple song, she was poised and calm and did a great job.  She really enjoys playing the piano.  She sometimes complains when it is time to practice, but once she begins to practice, she often says how much she likes piano or asks if she can practice for longer.