Sunday, July 10, 2016

She's a teenager!!

Two months ago, Michelle turned 13.  It's hard to believe that Michelle is getting so grown up so fast.  But how pleased I am with the beautiful, talented, responsible young woman she is turning into.  She has darling friends and she is such a good helper.  There are moments when she gets embarrassed by her parents or rolls her eyes, but mostly she is such a good girl.

She had a late over for her birthday.  Friends came and ate pizza and had ice cream cake and opened presents and played some games outside.  (I was surprised but they decided to play Musical Chairs and they had a great time!)  Then they headed inside and watched a movie.  They are such cute girls.

Playing musical chairs

Michelle got this beautiful dress for her birthday from us.  She wore it the next day to church.  She is looking so grown up.
Another of her birthday gifts from us was this vinyl that is now on her bedroom wall.  She loves it.  (So do I!)

13 Things that Michelle loves at 13:
*hot cheetos
*ice cream, especially Moose Tracks
*social studies
*being a TA (teacher's assistant) at school
*American Ninja Warriors
*doing obstacle courses
*HGTV because she wants to be an interior decorator
*painting her nails
*night games
*Lagoon...especially the big rides

She has a love/hate relationship with violin and piano.   Sometimes she enjoys it but often she dislikes practicing.  But she is progressing and I love listening to her play.

I am so glad she is mine!