Tuesday, July 19, 2016

CA Science Center, Rose Garden, San Pedro, Huntington Beach

We took a trip to Los Angeles.  It was the first time Ella and Gabby have flown since Gabby was about 5 months old, nearly 8 years ago.  Gabby was so excited.  In fact, we flew through clouds and even at the end of our trip, Gabby said her favorite part was flying through the clouds.  It was, she said, "a dream come true."

The girls were up at 4:45 AM so they were excited by the time we landed in LA.  Ella and Gabby both fell asleep in the car.
 First, we headed to the CA Science Center.  Outside they had a display where you could lift a truck.  If you used the rope next to the truck, it was too heavy to lift.  If you moved to the ropes farther away, with more leverage, it became easier.

 The Science Center was pretty cool.  It had a display on space travel.  It had a display on biodiversity.  Gabby and I liked this room where you could push buttons to hear the sounds that an animal would make.  But you can also push a button to damage the environment and the animal sounds are silenced.  Then you can push buttons that repair the environment.

There was an exhibit on Science in Toyland...science concepts used in toys and games... such as spinning tops, building blocks, and other toys.

 Then we headed outside of the Science Center and walked around the Rose Garden.

 Next we headed to San Pedro.  It's beautiful there.  We sat right next to the harbor and ate delicious seafood.  We got a huge plate of food to share.

This was how Gabby felt about seeing the calamari.


Then we checked into our hotel and rested for a little while.  Then we headed to Huntington Beach.  It was so beautiful!