Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cornbelly's 2016

On Friday night, we met my friend Polly and her family (Alli, Sophie, Finlay and Crosby) at Cornbelly's.  It was so great to see Polly. We worked together at Parkview for many years and for the last 5 years, we both taught 2nd grade.  Her oldest and my youngest are just about 6 months apart.  She is a dear friend and the hardest part of leaving Parkview was leaving I am always so happy when I get to see some of them again.

Michelle brought along her friend, Lillian.  Cornbelly's has a corn maze (which we went on after it was dark, without Polly's family).  It was kind of dumb because the corn wasn't very high so you could totally see over it.  There were fireworks at 8:30 PM.  They have a huge sandpit like area but instead of being filled with sand, it is filled with corn.  They have slides and pumpkin bowling and little shows.  The girls had a lot of fun. We also ate a lot of tasty treats.  It was a fun night!