Monday, October 24, 2016

Hiking Las Madras at Red Rock Conservation Area (Morning of Day 1)

We spent UEA weekend camping in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.  We went with my friend Annette and her four children.  Her parents, Dennis and Connie, met us there.  We left Wednesday around 1:30 and spent the day driving...and listening to a book on CD "Grounded:  The Adventures of Rapunzel."  We didn't finish the book during the trip...but we got more than half way through.  Hopefully we can find time to listen to the rest in the next week or two and finish it.

On Thursday morning, after having breakfast, we headed into the canyon area to do our first hike...Las Madras.
The sign for our campground.  Annette's parents got there early afternoon on Wednesday.  It was good that they did...they got the last two sites available.  The campground was full all weekend.

Our camping and hiking group!

It was really quite beautiful.  The sky was blue and the weather was perfect in the morning.  Not cold but not too warm.   It was a lovely hike.  We were hoping to see Desert Bighorn Sheep (or others animals) and while we saw lots of scat...we never saw any animals on this hike...or any big animals during our trip.

Both Michelle and Ella were so good with the little kids...they both carried them at times, helped them when they were hurt and were just great examples to them.

One of the allures of this hike was that it took you to a spring...but the spring ended up not being very impressive.  There was a small waterfall a bit further on...but the kids didn't go that far.  Annette's dad kept going when we stopped at the spring and so Annette and I left the kids at the spring with Connie and set off to find Annette's dad.  We found him resting just above the waterfall.

The small waterfall.

Playing inside the tent when we got back to camp.